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Monday, April 4, 2011

Haiti Reconstruction: updates

01/04/2011 12:52:58

Priority of Preval: change the mandate of the MINUSTAH

Haiti - Reconstruction : Priority of Preval, change the mandate of the Minustah !
       Maria Angela Holguin, Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs,      accompanied by her Dominican counterpart, Carlos Morales Troncoso have met this week the Haitian President René Préval and Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive.

During this meeting, President Préval has stressed the importance that the international community, leaves Haiti take control of its own reconstruction. "Who better that the Haitians can define their priorities? Haiti is for the Haitians", said Morales Troncoso expressing the support of the Dominican Republic to the Haitian Government's position. René Préval spoke about the importance to change the actions of the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah) in order that this Mission, become more involved in the development of the country that in security tasks for which it was originally mandated "The first priority is to change the mandate of UN mission... the second is to give to the government and to the people of Haiti, the leadership of the reconstruction" declared the Haitian President to a journalist from the Dominican press at the end of the meeting.

While most the political actors and of the civil society in Haiti as well as the population, are for a scheduled departure of the Minustah, this is clearly not in the agenda of the outgoing President, although at the end of his mandate, he engages a little more, the future Government in the choices, that are not necessarily shared.

Maria Angela Holguin confirmed that President Préval had accepted the invitation of the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos and that he will participate to the meetings of the Security Council on April 6, as former U.S. President and Co-President of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), Bill Clinton and eight foreign ministers of the Caribbean region, including the Dominican Republic.

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Haiti - Reconstruction : The prefabricated parliament, ready for April 20
02/04/2011 11:14:47
Edmond Mulet, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Haiti, visited on Thursday, with the Secretaries of each House of Parliament, the construction site of the temporary buildings designed to house the Haitian Parliament.

Haiti - Education : Digicel has already delivered 11 schools, 20 others are under construction
02/04/2011 09:39:08
The Digicel Foundation is continuing its reconstruction program by opening a new school in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)...

Haiti - Reconstruction : Shakira - IDB, $800,000 for Elie Dubois school
01/04/2011 05:43:22
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Colombian singer Shakira's Barefoot Foundation yesterday announced they will support the Haitian government's efforts to rebuild a historical public school...

Haiti - Reconstruction : The ONA will invest $ 1.5 million in the Oasis Hotel Complex
31/03/2011 12:13:35
The Office National d'Assurance vieillesse (ONA) that collects funds to ensure the retirement of workers and employees of private and public sectors, will invest $1.5 million in the construction of the OASIS hotel complex...

Source: Haiti Libre

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